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Med Spa in Fort Wayne, IN

Customized Programs

As one of the leading medical spas in Indiana, The Medical Spa utilizes the most up-to-date scientific advancements to guide us in determining the optimum approach for each of our patient's unique skin care needs and goals. This process begins with an initial visit to our facility for an educational consultation where an analysis of the skin is conducted.

This allows the doctor and patient to objectively evaluate their treatment options and together formulate a customized rejuvenation plan based on their own unique cosmetic goals. By administering the latest laser/light based technologies combined with spa therapies, The Medical Spa is able to deliver solutions with the client's desires in mind.

Our philosophy of skin care continues even after one departs our center. Our unique results-oriented home care programs are directed at preserving the treatments received at The Medical Spa while prolonging the therapeutic experience.

The Medical Spa is proud of the results our clients achieve and feel that our customized and professional approach to aesthetic skin care creates a safe and rewarding environment ensuring our guests are delighted with their results.


At The Medical Spa, we specialize in providing our clients with the transformative cosmetic results they desire in an intimate atmosphere. We offer our clients the most comprehensive assortment of clinically proven products and treatments. You can feel comfortable knowing that every treatment takes advantage of the latest advances in therapeutic skincare to provide you with great results with minimal to no downtime.

At The Medical Spa, we believe that each patient can and should expect to receive outstanding cosmetic improvements in a relaxed, pleasant setting with no interruption to their busy lifestyle. You can feel comfortable knowing that the most appropriate combination will be recommended for your unique skin condition maximizing your experience and your results.