Forever Young BBL

What if there were a treatment that could slow down the aging clock and keep you looking youthful.? Forever Young BBL is an innovative technology that uniquely delivers light therapy targeting the signs of aging and sun damage and effectively provides a more refreshed, rejuvenated and youthful appearance.  A groundbreaking study on BBL from Stanford University reveals Forever Young BBL can restore gene expression of aged human skin to resemble much younger skin.  Scientific evidence demonstrates regular maintenance treatments using Forever Young BBL functionally rejuvenates skin and delays skin aging.  Results showed that the gene expression of older, damaged skin cells changes and will more closely resemble the genes expressed in younger skin cells.  Over time, the skin looks much younger.   Physicians determined patients treated with Forever Young BBL over the past nine years appeared not to have aged over the nine years and looked ten years younger than their actual age.  Patients who maintain a regular regimen of BBL treatments annually can reduce and delay the long term signs of skin aging in a way that looks very natural.   You will see immediate results for multiple conditions, including sun spots and age spots, redness and rosacea, hair removal and acne.  There are visible improvements in skin firmness and elasticity too.  In most cases, there is virtually no downtime and you can apply makeup immediately following treatment.  The treatment can be used on all body areas, such as face, neck, chest, arms and hands.*


* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.